Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You click on the login form and fill it appropriately, then submit. Keep your userID, username and password. This will be required for login.

Answer: To raise at least one million millionaires through the simplest method possible, who will invest and employ others, thereby eradicating poverty in our country.

Answer: It is not compulsory, however it is expected that you always bring members that the system will distribute appropriately. You are also required to copy out your contact in a notepad and submit to . They will be invited by sms in your name. This is because we are building a cooperative based on trust.

You make money by upgrading from level to level. You will automatically have members placed under you who will pay you based on the level you are. Before you start spending ensure you keep your upgrade and admin fees aside. The rest is whoopingly yours.

Answer: The system does not support skipping any stage, every member is expected to go through all the stages twice. This is because is a cooperative and NOT A PONZI SCHEME. Going through twice ensures the completion of the cycle.

Answer: Your downlines on each level will discover your name, bank details and phone number once they click on upgrade bringing them to the level you are. They will pay into your account and contact you for upgrade. This is why you must fill your most active account with alert on it.

Answer: No, the cooperative does not give refund. The cooperative does not hold anyone’s payment and therefore has nothing to refund. The admin charges is for the day to day running of the cooperative.

Answer: No. Once you register and upgrade, you MUST go through the cycle twice to ensure no one loses his money. But if you must exit then bring in somebody to replace you and transmit all your earnings to him/her.

If your questions are not answered, please contact the support team by email at: