How it Works

LMC is a member to member donation/contribution cooperative just like any other closed group contribution. This means, there is no central account where you pay money to except the administration charges.

You register for free at and upgrade to level 1 by paying only one thousand naira. This is the only money you will ever invest out of your hard earned money in this business.

On level 1, four people will be matched to you who will each pay you One thousand naira, making a total of four thousand naira (N4000). You will take N2500 from the N4000 received and pay for upgrade to your upline which will be shown to you when you click on upgrade. Then you pay N500 to the admin’s account shown below. You then contact your upline for upgrade to level 2.
On level 2, 16 people will pay you N2500 totaling N40 000. You will pay N5000 for upgrade and N3 500 i.e 10% of your profit, which is N35 000 for administration.
On level 3, 64 people will pay you N5000 totaling N320 000. Yow will pay N10 000 for upgrade to level 4 and N15 500 for administration.
On level 4, 256 people will pay you N10 000 totaling N2 560 000. You will pay N20 000 for upgrade and N63 500 for administration.
On level 5, 1024 people will pay you N20 000 totaling N20 480 000. You will pay N40 000 for upgrade and N255 750 for administration.
On level 6, 4096 people will pay you N40 000 totaling N163 840 000. You will pay N80 000 for upgrade and N1 024 000 for administration.
On level 7, 16 384 people will pay you N80 000 totaling N1 310 720 000. You will pay N160 000 for upgrade and N4 102 553.6 for administration.
On level 8, 65 536 people will pay you N160 000 totaling N10 485 760 000. You will pay N320 000 for upgrade and N16 462 643.20 for administration.
On level 9, 262 144 people will pay you N320 000 totaling N83 886 080 000. You will pay N640 000 for upgrade and N65 431 142.40 for administration.
On level 10, 1 048 576 people will pay you N640 000 totaling N671 088 640 000. You will pay N1 000 for upgrade to level1 and N261 724 569 .60 for administration.


Life Long millionaires cooperative believes in the power of people. We believe that there is nothing a people cannot achieve if they come together in unity.

Nigeria has a population of one hundred and eighty million people (180 million) according to 2006 census. It therefore means if we agree to contribute one naira on a daily basis to one person, then we will produce thirty people who will be one hundred and eighty million naira rich per month.

Who will invest in any business/venture of their choice and employ others and so on. This will simply mean that in no time, we will translate every Nigerian to a millionaire and financial poverty will be a history in Nigeria. But why don’t we do it? There are many reasons, such as distrust, fear, beliefs, etc.

It is against this back ground that Life Long millionaires cooperative is founded. If the number of Nigerians is too large to work with, we can work with a fewer number and achieve financial freedom for all participants. To this end, Life Long millionaires cooperative, have structured a 4x10 matrix system that accommodates only one million, three hundred and ninety eight thousand, one hundred and one (1 398 101) persons which is self- revolving and self-sustaining. This means all members from inceptions on level one will start earning money in various sums until the last level and will automatically rejoined from the base and so on.

This is what makes Life Long millionaires cooperative unique and distinct from all other online financial programmes in that, it is not a Ponzi scheme. In all the multilevel programmes out there, the number of people involved is infinite. This means the last people that enters when the scheme started losing steam loses. This is why we distance ourselves from such schemes.

So if you are interested in laying a solid financial foundation for yourself and your generations unborn with almost no financial stress, you are welcome to the right programme, Life Long millionaires cooperative.


1. An active Nigerian bank account with alert on it for reception of your contribution and transfer of donation.

2. An active phone number.


We are building a team of millionaires who will change their lives and the economy of Nigeria forever in a short time. This team contains only 1 398 101 (0.78% of Nigeria’s population) people. Every member is expected to be actively involved in inviting people. This is not MANDATORY. Members who organizes seminars or link management to institutions for seminars will be handsomely rewarded once we attain level eight and above. We appeal to every member to please copy out their contacts in notepad and mail it to so we can invite them via bulk sms for rapid growth.

Individual referral is not mandatory because we are putting in place a strong marketing team who will bring in the people. This people as well as the executive and other sundry workers MUST be paid as well as a lot of miscellaneous. Hence the need for the administration charges.


In addition to other terms and conditions which are contained in the general terms and conditions, the following are to be STRICTLY noted and adhered to by any intending or registered members.

1. Every member MUST go through the matrix twice. This is to enable every member to benefit. No member will quit after reaching some levels or attaining level 9 or 10. This is because; the system is a self-revolving scheme. Quitting will hinder members below from benefiting from the quitter.

2. This is an automatic revolving closed pattern. Once the 1 398 101 in the system is complete, no new member will be admitted unless someone exits.

3. This structure remains the basic structure. Anyone coming to the next level pays the upgrade fees and the administration charges as explained in the How it works section. Whosoever gets to the next level depends on who upgrades first. So the faster one upgrades the better! This overtaking commences once the matrix is complete.

4. For speed reasons, level 10 is constrained. The person on level 10 can 0NLY upgrade to level 1 after at least 90% of the downlines have cycled past him. This means members on level 9, will experience double upgrade at a time if the person on level 10 has not attained upgrading status. Pay for upgrade to the person on level 10 and move to level 0, overtaking the level 10 and then pay N1000 for upgrade to level 1 and continues.

5. Those cycling out at the top automatically come to level zero and upgrades by paying N1000 and so on.

6. Members who fail to go through the cycle after others have gone through TWICE will be hauled out and replaced by new members. Donations collected will be retrieved by appropriate means including the use of EFCC and other legal means. So members should make their upgrade fees and administration charges a priority before they spend their income.

7. The excess fund from administration charges, IF ANY will be used for community services and investments, at the management’s discretion and the profit(s) will be shared to members equally.